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Virtual Therapeutics, 

Technology, and the future of Healthcare.

Recent improvements in immersive reality devices (VR/AR/XR) have created a lot of well-deserved excitement about their potential use within the healthcare industry.  From treating and rehabilitating patients to training students and medical professionals, immersive technology is often going to be cheaper, less invasive, and more effective at solving significant healthcare problems and challenges.

“I believe that VR has the potential to radically change and substantially improve health-related behavior, and thus radically improve health and wellbeing.”


-Bill Frist

Former Surgeon & US Senate Majority Leader

But while the impact promises to be huge, getting to the point where these new technologies become broadly deployable throughout the healthcare system requires a comprehensive, multifaceted effort.  It is not enough to prove something works, it must be proven to work seamlessly within the existing healthcare system.  Similarly, it is not enough to show how these technologies can reduce costs, there must be approved, sanctioned business and reimbursement models in place.

Virtual Therapeutics (VT) was founded specifically to do all the hard work necessary to create the platform that will enable the immersive healthcare revolution.  We’ve assembled a unique team of employees and advisors, we’re forging amazing partnerships, and we’re working away on the science, technology, and content that will pave the way to a truly immersive future.

Education & Motivation

• Behavior Change

• Hygiene
• Exercise & Fitness Programs
• First Aid training and Realtime

• Motion - Benefits of Walking
• Heimlich Maneuver Training
• Lifestyle Outcome Visualization

• Treatment Alternatives
• Treatment Expectations
• Drug Education
• Wellness

Training & Visualization

• Physician & Staff skill acquisition - visualization and practice

• Physician and Nurse Empathy training
• Procedure observation

(Virtual Emergency Room)

• Communication training
• Equipment Protocol training
• Surgical scrub procedures and tracking

Robotic Surgery

• Virtual Remote Surgery

• Remote Telesurgery

Stress Relief and Management
• Anxiety
• Phobias
• Pain Relief and Management
• Autism (Social Cognition Training)

• Disabilities
• Addiction
• Depression
• Homebound
• Vision Disorders
• Smoking Cessation


• Stroke Recovery

• Physical Therapy

• Dementia
• Alzheimers


• 3D Imaging review

• Brain Damage Assessment

Why we exisy

Why We Exist


The cycle of chronic stress, chronic disease, and diminished health is a familiar one to health care professionals as well as the patients they treat.  Finding ways to break this cycle has been the goal of much research and resulted in much medicine and alternate therapies.  We believe that these new technologies can help break this cycle and allow healing and recovery in patients while also reducing the financial and physical burden on the insurance and medical communities.

Wht We exist.png

We are experts in Content Development and Curation

The promise of technology is powerful but difficult to realize if the content itself, the user experience, isn't engaging. We have decades of experience creating award winning game experience, so we know how to get people immersed in a digital experience.  We use that expertise and combine it with clinical models to produce programs that patients will enjoy and therefore use consistently in their therapies. A program will automatically fail if not used and we assure that users will actively seek to use the therapies prescribed.

We also use our experience to help our medical partners in curating the content that is being created for various VR modalities.

What we do

What We Do

We personalize adaptive  stress  resilience training through our expertise in creating entertaining digital experience.  We know that the key to recovery is helping a patient learn to heal themselves through developing their own resilience to stress and pain.  We know that the more resilience a patient has, the quicker they can return to everyday functionality.

What we do.png

Patient Example

So what does the broken cycle of pain and treatment and recovery look like? Click to expand the below image to understand the pattern of pain, treatment, addictions and the long term physical, emotional and financial cost of this all too familiar pattern and how can it look with these new technologies.

Patient Jane.png


Patient Intervention.png


RIBS is our proprietary platform for delivering, assessing and reimbursing the digital treatments that can change lives. Click on the image to better see how our platform can work together with health providers.

Commercial Model

A More Efficient Commercial Model

We are creating a system that replaces the slow, inflexible Pharma model, that has proven to have a very limited upside, with the RIBs platform. This flips the old Pharma models, providing flexibility, speed and a much higher upside.

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