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Unblock your full potential

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Breakthrough is a complete mental fitness training solution for everyone from the frontline to the C-suite. 

Using the unique strengths of virtual reality technology, our suite of applications has been proven to reduce attrition, combat ‘quiet quitting,’

and eliminate burnout because they're 

fun, intuitive, and much more effective than existing solutions.

Reduced stress

Increased resilience

Improved performance

Greater satisfaction

Meet our suite of apps

These applications leverage the unique power of virtual reality to overcome many of the impediments to effective meditation and training. 

VR headsets, preloaded with variety of easy-to-use applications, are sent directly to homes or offices.

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Scientifically proven methods matched with video-game quality experiences deliver significant benefits:

● Improved focus and memory
● Better communication and conflict resolution

● Enhanced self-awareness, patience/tolerance

● Stronger relationships at work and in life
● Improved positive thinking and
● Reduced anxiety and negative emotions

● Becoming more present and productive
● Increased imagination and creativity
● Lower heart rate + resting blood pressure
● Better sleep and reduced headaches
● Improved ability to manage stress and anxiety

Our technology provides needed data via a powerful reporting platform to help you validate adoption, learn from employee feedback, and see results that prove ROI.

Deploying Breakthrough shows employees your concern and understanding of the role mental fitness plays in healthy, well-rounded lives.

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