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Accelerating Immersive Therapeutics

Immersive technologies have shown great promise as treatment for many healthcare related diseases and conditions (see research).      

But getting from the laboratory to broad clinical use requires progress on several fronts. Virtual Therapeutics is laying the groundwork to accelerate adoption of digital therapeutics that will revolutionize the healthcare industry and improve the lives of patients across the globe.  

We believe that our innovative use of new and emerging technologies will revolutionize the healthcare industry and reduce unnecessary patient suffering.

Working together to make healthcare work better

No matter how good your solution, in an industry as complex as healthcare it’s tough to make a difference as a young company on your own. That’s why VT is partnering with the world’s best clinical, insurance, and healthcare content companies. By collaborating together, we ensure the needs of the whole ecosystem are being addressed. Here are just a few of the partners we are actively working with:

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Building the Infrastructure to Accelerate Adoption

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Our Platform:

Prove, Validate, Distribute

VT has created a comprehensive platform called RIBS to deliver digital content, measure effectiveness, collect and manage data, and provide real-time feedback to tailor patient experiences.  RIBS helps prove these new therapies are working and allows our industry partners to measure their impact.


Our Products:

High Quality, Engaging

VT and our affiliated studios are building therapeutic content designed and crafted to be as engaging as video games.  Our integration of commercial quality game production with scientifically proven therapies will make a significant difference in future treatment of a broad variety of healthcare conditions.

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Our Programs:

Business Models that Work

A comprehensive platform and excellent content alone are not enough to ensure adoption of new therapies. Our partnerships enable us to go deep into clinical operations to ensure what we’re building works for nurses, doctors, and the clinical staff.  The whole package together enables us to build reimbursement and business models that will enable mass adoption quickly.

Just who are we anyway?

VT is a team of uniquely talented scientists, researchers, developers, game designers, artists, medical professionals and healthcare experts. We are on the leading edge of many technologies and treatments that will improve care, cut costs and help relieve suffering.

We do this in a diverse, collaborative environment. VT is a great place to work with team members that are passionate about what we do and the difference our work can make in the community and the world.


We’re working today on the science, technology and content that will pave the way to a healthier tomorrow. 


Learn more about our team, our open career opportunities, and what it’s like to work at VT.

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