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Stress and Anxiety in the Workplace

Stress-related Absenteeism 

40% of workers suffer from stress-related conditions that cost US businesses $30 billion annually in lost workdays and add $190 billion in annual health care costs. Over half of the 550 million working days lost annually in the US from absenteeism are stress-related.

Anxiety: A Major Cause of Turnover

Workers with high stress and anxiety report lower job satisfaction and it is estimated that 40% of job turnover is due to stress.

What is Virtual Therapeutics Doing to Help? 

We are building solutions that will positively impact the lives of a significant number of people.  From finding innovative ways to help those suffering with debilitating, chronic pain, to those struggling from stress, anxiety, and depression, it is work that matters. As a team, we feel fortunate to have the opportunity to use our collective talents to make a real difference in the world. That's why we have designed VT Wellness.

What is VT Wellness? 

VT Wellness is our turnkey hardware and software solution that helps reduce stress and anxiety and improves long-term stress resilience.

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