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It's been a crazy year but we keep growing. Please welcome our new faces!

Lots of great new and talented people have come on board this last year and we thought you needed to learn a little about each of them:

Duncan Barnes

Duncan originally joined Virtual Therapeutics as an intern and then obtained a B.S. in Computer Science from Western Washington University. He came back after graduation as the IT Specialist and he manages, maintains, and develops the IT systems at VT.

Matt Dyer

A graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design, Matt is a game designer at Virtual Therapeutics with a strong technical background. Prior to VT, Matt led the design and development of multiple interactive VR training experiences deployed in the industrial world today.

Saral Anand

Saral joined Virtual Therapeutics as a VR Software Engineer after graduating from Clemson University. Saral works mostly with Unity 3D, to program gameplay and implement systems for the products at VT.

Nate Dreesmann

Dr. Nathan Dreesmann has a diverse background in clinical practice and research.Nathan completed a doctoral degree (PhD) focused on using virtual reality mindfulness for fatigue management in outpatients with rheumatoid arthritis. In addition to being licensed as a Registered Nurse, Nathan holds bachelor's degrees in Nursing and Kinesiology. His diverse clinical and research background helps to inform Nathan’s role as Clinical Operations Specialist at Virtual Therapeutics.

Matt McIntire

We would like to introduce Matt McIntire, who is the new VP of Finance and Operations. Matt’s expertise is driving business particularly in the games industry. He is excited to take that experience and apply it to Virtual Therapeutics.

Beth McIntire

Beth recently certified as a Senior Human Resource Professional and is joining the team as the new HR/Office Manager. Beth is passionate about people and creating and implementing processes that make sense.

Kairavi Chahal

Kairavi left her previous career as a data analyst to get her Master’s in Human-Centered Design. Since graduating in 2019, she has been working in the healthcare industry. She is excited to embark on her new journey as UX Designer at VT, where she will get to advocate for the user and design interfaces that help clinicians and patients.

Heather Zweig

We are thrilled to welcome Heather Zweig to the VT team as our new Product Manager. With 5 years of experience in Virtual Reality and its fantastic community, Heather brings an excitement for VT and a fascination with the power of virtual therapeutics!

Doug Ward

Doug has a background in Electrical Engineering and worked in robotics. He shifted gears and worked as a UI Engineer before joining Virtual Therapeutics as a Software Engineer.

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