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Meet Team VT

A multifaceted venture requires a multi-talented team. Team VT includes experienced technology entrepreneurs, proven healthcare innovators, leading medical practitioners, excellent scientists, the “Grandfather of Virtual Reality”, and specialists that deliver expertise across many fields.  Here are a few of the people working to make Virtual Therapeutics a success:

The Team 

DanE VR.png

Dan Elenbaas

Chairman & CEO

Sheila VR.png

Sheila Caillier


Mary D VR.png

Mary Diehl

Office Manager

Laura VR.png

Laura Lantz

VR Design Engineer

Johnathan VR.png

Johnathan O'Duffy

AR Engineer

Joel VR.png

Joel Stinson

3D Artist

Trond VR.png

Trond Nilsen Ph.D.

Director of Development

Linda VR.png

Linda Carey

Technical Project Manager

Daniel VR.png

Daniel Elenbaas

Finance Manager


Bhavya Mandali

VR Engineer

Andrew VR.png

Andrew Putnam

3D Artist

Frazier VR.png

Fraser Thompson

Sr. VR Engineer

Gordon Barnes Headset.png

Gordon Barnes

Tools/IT Manager

MarkC VR.png

Mark Cvetkovich

Art Director

Clayton VR 2.png

Clayton Hughes

VR Dev Lead

Oscar VR.png

Oscar Nebres

3D Artist

Lynne S VR.png

Lynne Startup

3D Artist

Board & Key Advisors

MarkP VT.png

Mark Pollman

Director, UHG R&D CIO

Brett Atwood.jpg

Brett Atwood

Director, VP UHG R&D Ventures


Tom Furness Ph.D.

International Director Human Interface Technology Labs


Steve R. Altman


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